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Currently: August

Currently: August 2018 | RISING*SHINING

It's late summer with early fall still a few weeks away and the heat and humidity (mostly the humidity) is really putting a damper on my summer cozy optimism. It was inevitable! I chat regularly with a dear friend in Austin and we decided to just admit that August is the worst and allow ourselves a little bit of complaining. Otherwise we try very hard not to complain about the heat in our respective towns.

So: August is the worst. Ahhh, that feels a little better.

What I am trying to remember is that every single fall (every time!) when the weather changes I get a burst of energy for creative and home projects. For now I feel like I'm in a bit of a holding pattern. Plus, I'm still waiting for my custom standing desk to arrive (should be this week!). I'm eager to finally have my writing workspace set up in the house. For now I work either standing at a bookshelf in the office (which is cramped) or at the dining room table (where I need to pack up my stuff each evening before dinner).

Last week was the third full week of school for the boys so routine is emerging but not quite settled. My work routine is still taking shape too. There's so much that I want to do and expect myself to do and I'm noticing that prioritizing is hard. Each day I want the house to be tidy, laundry to be done, and dinner to be prepped. I'm working on a book proposal project and want to make steady progress on that each week. I want to post regularly on my blog (ideally twice per week). Girl Next Door Podcast episodes go up every other week and need recording and editing. I would also like to grow the GND social media audience and explore things like membership and extra episodes. I also think I want to move all of my websites over to Wordpress from Typepad (the thought of all the logistics, eeek!). Plus all this in just two or three school day time blocks (8:30 - 2:30) each week.

Taking a step back to think about what's working well and where I want to improve is really helpful. I love to feel settled in a routine but don't mind that this one will take a bit. I'm also working on my mindset and reflecting on what's make a productive day. Being home and choosing what work to do is very different from my full time job where tasks came from above. It's all a very fun challenge to figure out.

In the meantime, here's what life looks like currently...

Thinking about: the joy of missing out (FOMO's contented cousin)

Inspired by: how welcoming and wonderful the boy's school experience has been so far – for them and us

Loving: my gel manicure in a very light pink

Reading: Crazy Rich Asians and The Likeness

Listening: Sing, Unburied, Sing; Everything Is Love (I never watch music videos but have you seen this video?? We're seeing Beyoncé in September!)

Making: plans for an October trip to New Haven for my ten year reunion from graduating from Yale with my master's degree (also where Chris and I met!)

Eating: Spicy sesame zoodles with crispy tofu (so good we had it three nights in a row), chocolate sea salt RXBARS (curious to try this copycat recipe), cold red grapes, Yasso frozen yogurt bars

Drinking: Refreshing Mint Vital Energy tea in the mornings with a splash of soy creamer

What's working (for the most part): a new laundry system I instituted and doing laundry throughout the week instead allllll on the weekend

What's not working: staying up past 9 pm, usually because it's so hard to put down my book but this needs to happen!

Habits reflection: includes wanting to find easy and healthy lunches, I've just been eating random things or forgetting to eat; also wanting to start a regular yoga practice

Recently completed: having four curtain panels in our front room shortened by two inches and rehung them

On my wish list: replacing a favorite pair of jeans that I literally wore out, pajamas, and pajamas

On the horizon: Chris's birthday, our first family camping trip


Hope you're having a good August!