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In my cart at Trader Joe's

In my cart at Trader Joe's

In my cart at Trader Joe's | RISING*SHINING

It's time for another jaunt down the friendly aisles of Trader Joe's. Side note: If you shop at Trader Joe's and have kids, do you know about the stuffed animal hiding in the store that kids can find and earn a prize? I learned recently that each store has a different mascot; ours is Iggy the Iguana. I would love to know what yours is! And also, where is the social media account just for these creatures hiding among the pasta sauce and cereals?

In my cart at Trader Joe's this week I tried...

Organic Sweet Bread and Butter Pickles. I am in loooove with these pickles. To me, they are the perfect sliced pickle and we are never without a jar. They will take your burger or sandwich to the next level. Chopped fine they will zest up your tuna or egg salad. I have also been known to eat them straight from the jar if I'm craving something with a vinegar bite. Since discovering these I have tried other sliced pickles and haven't found ones to match the crunch, size (I prefer sliced pickles on the smaller side), and taste. Bottom line: Love it.

Liquid Dish Soap Citrus Sent. This newer dish soap has become a resident at our kitchen sink. This and its sister in lavender scent seem to have replaced the "Next to Godliness" dish soaps that we used to buy. Sometimes the loss of a familiar product at TJ's is sad. In this case I think it made way for something better. I like the tall packaging with clean lines and bright label. And the scent is lovely. It's more of a subtle orange blossom than an in-your-face lemon or orange which was a pleasant surprise. Bottom line: Love it.

Peanut Butter Protein Granola. Last year I surprised Chris with a weekend trip to Tucson for his 40th birthday. Before heading out we swung by Trader Joe's for some road snacks and grabbed this granola. The large peanutty clusters were a healthy and filling snack on the drive and through the weekend. We were definitely sad when it was gone. Since then, this granola has become something we like to have on hand. A handful is great for a snack and it's great with milk or yogurt, too. I love to eat it with plain Greek yogurt and strawberries. We love to find breakfasts and snacks that pack a good protein punch and this fits the bill. Bottom line: Love it.

Almond Butter Coconut Greek Low Fat Yogurt. Inspired by my recent discovery of the Cucumber Watermelon Mint yogurt, my eyes drifted to the individual yogurts and – I am not even kidding – I almost gasped when I saw this. It just sounded so good! Here were my next thoughts: "I love the coconut Greek yogurt. I also (obviously) love peanut butter granola. So I think I'm going to like this yogurt." And I do! Coconut and yogurt are so compatible. The almond butter makes this feel like a more substantial snack. So far I've only had this plain but it would be great with granola and I also think it would be amazing on pancakes! Hello, weekend plans. Bottom line: Love it.

What's in your cart at Trader Joe's lately?

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