In my cart at Trader Joe's
In my cart at Trader Joe's

Goals - July 2018


I breathe a little sigh of relief when we cross the summer solstice each year. Even though we have many blazing days ahead of us, I love knowing that each day we are getting a tiny bit less of the blaze. We are on a (slow) path back to fall and winter.

But we are making the most of it. Watermelon and corn is abundant at the farmer's market. There was an impromptu gathering at the public pool with friends where all the kids, 3 and 5 year olds, could not go off the diving board enough times. Our air conditioner works faithfully day and night. (Thank you, thank you.)

In July and August it's monsoon and haboob season in the desert. Yesterday we were treated to grey clouds, the perfect weather for baking banana bread, and a storm passed last night. Of course I slept through it, which makes me a little grumpy. If it rains in the desert and you sleep through it, did it really rain?? There are more clouds and hopefully more rain that I will witness this week. Fingers crossed!

In July I have two days of childcare each week and more to-dos and want-to-dos than I have time for. But such is life! My priorities are getting my writing studio set up, spending some time making writing and creative goals for myself, getting everything we need to start a new school year, and leaving time for myself. I can't believe we're heading into our very first official school year for the boys and that we'll follow this rhythm for the next 15 years. I am savoring standing just outside the beginning.

June wins:

+ Crossed off several organization and home projects including some from my mini summer sabbatical list. Some things, like jewelry organization, have been on my to do list for YEARS. So satisfying. Chris and I chatted about all the home updates and efficiency improvements we've been making in a new episode of Matrimoney.

+ Went to yoga class regularly.

+ Made final decisions on yard changes and submitted HOA paperwork.

+ Enjoyed a few mornings of reading and lingering over a cup of coffee at Liberty Market after dropping the boys off at preschool.

+ Had a great family trip to the cool mountains of Pine, Arizona. I wore a sweater in the mornings to sit on the deck to sip tea and read!

+ Picked a paint color – Sherwin Williams Alabaster – for the office and in the first week of July painted the whole room. (While playing episodes of 30 Rock on the computer. Kind of the best.) Now the space feels cheerful and fresh and I am so excited to work there.

+ Had several dates with girl friends.

Big things happening in July:

+ A visit from my mom at the end of the month.

+ Meet the teacher night at the boys' new school!

July goals:

+ Finish as much as I can from my mini summer sabbatical list and general home to-do list. I feel great about the progress I've made so far.

+ Complete basic setup of my writing studio. The closet needs a clean-out and I need to order myself a standing desk.

+ Buy school supplies and school clothes for the boys (!!). School starts on August 2! I am ready and so not ready for this big milestone.

Recurring monthly goals:

+ Weekly phone dates with my mom and regular phone dates with close girl friends.

+ Thursday night at-home cookies dates with Chris.

+ Don't start or end the day with my phone.

+ Go to bed by 9 pm. 


Happy July!