Plans for our summer routine + activities
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Right now: June

Right now: June | RISING*SHINING Right now: June | RISING*SHINING
We are more than half-way through June and my mini summer sabbatical is well underway. Not going to work feels surprisingly normal for having gone most days for the past ten years but I am being consciously appreciative of how I spend my days now. I am not ready to take this big change for granted.

My goal for this summer is to clear as much of my mega to-do list as possible so that with the start of the school year I am ready to get to work writing without my list nagging me. Although I always know there will be a to-do list, clearing as much of it as possible will calming. There has been a lot of service scheduling (clean the carpets, fix the broken ice maker, get a quote for fixing and cleaning the tile grout) and appointments (dermatologist, allergist) and random errands or tasks (hazardous waste drop off, new compost container, figuring out jewelry organization) that we/I didn't have the bandwidth for previously. It feels really good.

I'm also taking time for myself: stopping for a cup of coffee and an hour of reading after dropping off the boys, yoga, and catching up with friends. It feels really good to have time for the things and the people that leave me energized and fulfilled.

Also right now in June I'm...

Remembering the cozy day of rain we had last Saturday – a true celebration in the desert!

Toting a Hydroflask of ice water everywhere I go. It stays icy cold even when left in a hot, hot car!

Slipping these peanut date bars (how cute is the name?!) into my purse for on-the-go snacks for the boys.

Making progress on my mega to-do list during my childcare days.

Right now: June | RISING*SHINING Right now: June | RISING*SHINING

Eating this delicious roasted carrot pasta salad for the second time in three weeks.

Planning to hang up this beautiful jewelry organizer this week and check one more organization project off my list.

Getting organized for big changes in our front yard – goodbye grass!

Firing up our grill for dinner but

Realizing I'm terrible at grilling fish (salmon) – any tips? Help!

Finding fun places to go on dates with Chris, like celebrating negroni week (my favorite cocktail!) and a full moon hike in July.

Right now: June | RISING*SHINING

Happily wearing my summer capsule wardrobe.

Sweating through hot yoga once a week. (I like to think it's helping me acclimate to the summer heat - ?)

Wishing I had a running buddy so I'm putting it out to the universe: female, lives close to me, dependable, fun to talk to, enjoys 5 a.m. workouts, and runs a ~9 minute mile. I can't wait to meet her, Universe. Thank you.

Reflecting on so many gems and wisdom from Off the Clock which I read last week.

Right now: June | RISING*SHINING

Listening to Maisie Dobbs and thrilled that I have space for audiobooks in my life again (it's been years!).

Finishing An American Marriage and starting Joy for Beginners.

Lighting this grapefruit candle most days (not sure if they are still in stock at TJ but this might be an alternative).

Abstaining from reading the news for the most part although two stories this week could not be ignored and left my heart heavy.

Right now: June | RISING*SHINING

Celebrating pride month by wearing this pink t-shirt.

Finishing this up from the front porch while the boys have a Hot Wheels car wash.

Wishing you a happy weekend!