New series: In my cart at Trader Joe's
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In my cart at Trader Joe's

In my cart at Trader Joe's | RISING*SHINING

Grab your modestly sized red cart, swing by the sample station for a tiny coffee, and join me for a little shopping trip at Trader Joe's!

This is the first post in my new series In my cart at Trader Joe's. In each post I'll share four items I purchased at Trader Joe's recently. Some will be standby favorites. Others I will be trying for the first time. In each post I'll tell you a little bit about the product, what I liked or didn't, and give you the bottom line of love it, like it, or pass. I will also be sharing a version of this post on Instagram with the hashtag #kelseyshopstraderjoes if you'd like to follow there. I bet the comments will be full of great reviews and suggestions as well.

So let's get started! In my cart at Trader Joe's this week I tried...

Southwestern Chopped Salad. Trader Joe's salad kit game has been coming on strong lately and I am all for it. Just now I noticed for the first time that the packaging window is in the shape of a boot - ha! This particular chopped salad has been in regular rotation at our house. It's crunchy, tangy, and delicious. One bag divided between Chris and myself and topped with leftover grilled salmon or crispy baked tofu makes for a great dinner. I love to add avocado if we have it. The salad keeps well overnight and I've had leftovers the next day for lunch. Bottom line: Love it.

These Peanuts Go On A Date Bars. Who loves a cheekily named snack bar? This gal. I have been buying these bars regularly since the beginning of the summer. I stash the box in a drawer in my office (where they boys won't find them) and then slip two bars into my purse on our way out the door to to unveil as an easy and filling snack before moods turn south while we're out. I love that these bars have only five ingredients and no added sugars plus 4 grams of protein. The boys are always happy to get them as a snack and sometimes I take one for myself as well. Bottom line: Love it.

Coconut Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. Erica recommended this stout little bottle of coffee concentrate to me and, guided by the 110 degree heat outside, I couldn't resist reaching for it. I am still going strong on drinking tea in the mornings but an afternoon iced coffee is a lovely treat, especially on the weekends. You mix this concentrate in a 1 to 2 ratio with milk or water. During a recent nap time I enjoyed a delicious cup of one part coffee concentrate, one part almond milk, and one part water plus a handful of ice cubes. This makes a smooth cup of coffee and the coconut adds a touch of sweetness that goes so well with coffee. Pairs well with extreme heat and a quiet house. Bottom line: Like it.

Cucumber Watermelon Mint Greek Whole Milk Yogurt. To be honest, the package colors caught my eye before the flavor combination. Mint green, pink, and white spoke words or refreshment to me. I tend to be skeptical of interestingly flavored yogurt and predicted this would either be delicious or terrible. It turns out it's ... delicious! Chris and I shared the carton and both felt that we could taste the different flavors in waves: watermelon, cucumber, mint. I don't tend to buy individually packaged yogurts since it's more expensive but I can see occasionally tossing this into my cart. Bottom line: Like it.

Have you tried any of these? What are you buying at Trader Joe's lately?