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Goals - June 2018

My goals in June | RISING*SHINING
May felt like the longest month ever – in a good way. I think this ws because the month had so many different parts: I had a week to myself post full-time job (the second of two weeks with full time childcare and no job), we went to Austin, my sister got married, we had a full week in Austin to hang out, we went to Galveston for three days, were back in Austin for two nights, came home to Arizona, had Memorial Day weekend, and then the boys went to three summer camp preschool. It was all great!

And now it is officially summer, at least in my book, and I'm not dreading it! Embracing the summer is something I've been working on the past couple years and I think it's working. The boys getting older also helps. Now we can go to pools and splash pads as regular activities instead of being cooped up in the house all. day. long. And I will admit: having more flexibility and breathing room in my schedule also feels like it's going to make a difference.

A bit over a month into my post full time job life and I have no regrets, not even for a second. In some ways this new life feels completely normal, which Chris said he thinks just goes to show this was the right decision for us. Now how I spend my days feels aligned with what fulfills me the most and what my priorities are. Plus I have some breathing room to spare. Our mornings and evenings have felt blissfully unrushed. It's easier to keep the house tidy and the laundry moving along. That doesn't mean there aren't still frustrating parenting moments – oh there are – but it seems like we can face them with more patience in our tanks. It all feels really, really good.

And with that, I'm ready for June!

 Big things happening in June:

+ Settling into our new routine of three days of childcare per week

+ Chris takes a short trip for work

+ Father's Day

June goals:

+ Track spending in Mint. I've fallen out of this habit over the past few weeks but prefer knowing where every dollar is going.

+ Track what I eat for a few week. During our nearly three week travels in Texas we ate out more frequently and more indulgently than we do at home – it was wonderful! But I'm ready to get back to my usual healthy eating habits and tracking what I eat for a week or two helps me do that.

+ Finish a Groupon for bikram yoga. Hot yoga is weirdly refreshing in the summer here. Maybe because when you leave the hot steamy room and go outside the dry heat doesn't feel so bad? I haven't practiced yoga regularly since prenatal yoga with Cedric (awww) and I am enjoying having time for it again.

+ Tackle three or more organization project from my mini sabbatical list.

+ Make a family celebration dinner plate. When you were growing up were you also served your birthday dinner on a big red dinner plate that said "You are special today"? I'd love to start a similar tradition for my family but want a plate that looks a little different. I have an idea that I'd love try to capture at a paint-your-own-pottery studio. I imagine us using the plate for birthdays but also for school and work accomplishments and other little achievements that deserve recognition.

Recurring monthly goals:

+ Call my mom on Thursdays, and call my Austin girl friends every other week or so.

+ Thursday night at-home cookies dates with Chris. We are loving this routine and have only missed a few weeks so far this year.

+ Don't start or end the day with my phone.

+ Go to bed by 9 pm. 


Happy June!