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December 2017

I hope you have been enjoying a restful holiday! There is so much excitement leading up to Christmas and it's been nice to have some time post-Big Day to hang with family and friends. I'm thinking a lot about the past year and what I'm hoping for in 2018. In 2017 I set out with CHOOSE as my intention for the year. I still love my lists and goals but felt inspired by Erica and Sarah who always pick guiding word for a new year. Here are the goals I set with CHOOSE at the beginning of the year and how they went... Read more →

Today is my 34th birthday! Last year, when I turned 33, I rounded up 32 favorites from the previous year. Looking back at it now I realized it's kind of a time capsule of being 32. This year I'm adding one more thing and appreciating another trip around the sun. Here are my 33 favorites during my 33rd year... 1. Marching in the Women's March in January 2. Wearing side-swept bangs and finding a new stylist I really like (with haircuts for $40!). 3. Being in a great reading groove and reading memorable books including Carry On, A Gentleman in... Read more →

Just as I expected, once Halloween hit time suddenly went into warp speed! But I didn't want to miss sharing how I spent my personal allowance in the past two months. This has been such a helpful exercise this year and I'm looking forward to continuing next year. A couple people have requested that I also share how Chris and I spend our joint allowance each month, for which we budget $150 - although I think we aren't as good about sticking to that. One date night + babysitter pretty much takes it all. Next week we'll have our annual... Read more →