Goals - July 2017
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What I spent: June 2017

What I spent in June 2017 | RISING*SHINING

Each month, Chris and I budget $100 each to spend as "personal allowance." This includes eating out/coffee/activities we do separately (we have a joint family allowance budget of $100 as well) and purchases are that wants and not needs. To keep ourselves accountable, we use Mint to monitor our spending. As an extra layer of accountability I am sharing what I spent my personal allowance on each month and whether I stayed within budget.

Buying my next Get To Work Book planner this month took up the bulk of my spending this month. But it was an expense I was planning for and knowing that heading into the month helped keep my personal allowance spending under control. Spending that was less under control was our joint allowance spending. I'm not going to list it all out here but we had a date night, took a family trip to Prescott, treated ourselves to frappacinos when it was 120 degrees, and started our Austin trip. Yow! 

The good news is that after a long trip to Austin we feel eager to get back to our routines and budgets - both spending and calorie intake!


What I spent in June:

$4.25 - Metal wire basket from ASU Surplus Property to store the boys art work before I go through it

$63 - Get To Work Book Planner for July 2017 - June 2018; 

$24 - a shirt from SMOCA that says "mnmlst" as a Father's Day gift for Chris. We do have a gift budget separate from personal allowance spending but to be conservative I'm counting this here.

$1.07 - Flipagram app to make this little stop motion movie

Total spent: $92.32 out of $100 budgeted.


In May $92.21 out of $100 budgeted.

In April $117.18 out of $100 budgeted.

In March $101.35 out of $100 budgeted

In February 2017: $78.57 of $100 budgeted

In January 2017: $126.25 of $150 budgeted


Any personal allowance or otherwise budgeting wins or pain points for you last month?