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Goals - August 2017

Conversations with Dashiell & Cedric

Conversations with Dashiell & Cedric

Kids say THE BEST stuff! And now that Cedric and Dashiell are playing together more I'm excited for more of the crazy and adorable conversations that I'll overhear between them. Here's what my boys have said lately at 4 years old and 2.5 years old ...


An evil bad guy is badder than just bad guys.

Excuse me, what planet are we on? I forgot.

Excuse me, can you fall off a tightrope if there's a storm?

Did you know me when I was a baby?

We don't put a baby in a saber tooth tiger's mouth.

Dashiell: I wish I could bring candy to everyone in my class.
Me: What kind of candy?
Dashiell: Man chocolate.

Cedric, when you grow up you're gonna be tough like me.

Monsters are just in your head. And Costco. (even before we started going to Costco. No idea.)

Get out of my way because I'm going to run a race with my feet!

Vitamins can wear our your mouth, right?

Pterodactyls eat kids...and people.

What if a car with sunglasses jumped? And then he got a ticket...with no hands!

I love you up to the ceiling and back and to the microwave.

You know what? You are a masterpiece.


When Chris went into Cedric's room first thing in the morning to get him
Daddy, can you not pee pee on me?

Context for this one is that for a while Cedric was saying "a lot" with "lotta lotta lotta"
Chris: This street is called Guadalupe.
Cedric: Lotta lotta lupe? 

Cedric: Yay!! I love college!!

Dashiell & Cedric:

Cedric: I don't like vegetables.
Chris: You like some vegetables.
Dashiell: Yeah, you like cheese! 

Cedric: Can I have a penny, Dasthuhl? (he always says Dash's name this way; we love it so much)
Dashiell: You have to put on your clothes. And clean up this mess. If you want a sticker.


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