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What I spent: March 2017


Although I'm a little behind on this update, staying accountable is helping me to stick to my monthly personal allowance budget. So, here's what I spent in March:

$6.46 - Trolls soundtrack for the boys. Sadly, they weren't as into this as I had hoped so it didn't feel like money well spent.

$9.65 - Treated a visiting friend to lunch at Uprooted Kitchen with the help of a gift card. 

$17.05 - Girls' night out with friends. Although I'm frustrated with myself because I realized after we had left that I was over-charged by about $5. I meant to call and rectify it but never did, which is my fault.

$44.27 - a Blurb photo book of our wedding, which I fiiiiianally made all these years later and gave to Chris for our anniversary! This would have been more expensive but Blurb had a 40% off promotion, which was part of my motivation to finally do this. It feels so good to check that off my list, and to have a beautiful keepsake of our wedding. 

$4.70 - new nail polish color and $5 off because I had Walgreens points to use

$2.11 - cup of coffee at Starbucks while on a work day

$15 - an embroidery pattern from Sarah K. Benning. She released a pattern I had been thinking of for months so I decided to buy it. It's my first time to embroider and I'm having so much fun! 

$2.11 - cup of coffee at Starbucks while at work. As I write this the second time I'm annoyed at how expensive a cup of coffee seems. Wasn't it $1.65 just yesterday? Back in my day...

Total spent: $101.35 out of $100 budgeted. First month over budget! But at least not by much. 

In February 2017: $78.57 of $100 budgeted

In January 2017: $126.25 of $150 budgeted