Goals - February 2017
For the love of finishing things



Relishing a weekend of family time and glorious weather.

Remembering that my favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon is on a family bike ride.

Reading A Gentleman in Moscow.

Delighted by the idea of a personal reading syllabus, which Erica described on our recent podcast episode

Recommending Homeward Bound to any women who blog, read blogs or are active on social media. I loved this thought-provoking book about women and feminism, and the author's conclusions.  

Eating salads for lunch at work with feta, olives, wheat berries, toasted pecans, edamame and sometimes a hard boiled egg or tuna. Looking at this older blog post is reminding me to add bell peppers back to my salads!

Grateful to have two boys sleeping until 5:40 (or later!) most days. We used to get up at 4:30 OR EARLIER every day. I could not have imagined being in such a great sleep situation six months ago.

Singing the praises of the sleep coach we worked with last summer to anyone who will listen. 

Loving the grain silos near our house. I might be nurturing a mild obsession and I'm thinking of a way to get a large format picture of them in my house.

Checking Mint daily.

Choosing my purchases carefully. (No personal allowance spending so far this month!)

Dipping my toes into some freelance writing work.

Exchanging regular Voxer messages with so many good friends. And just got my mom on board, too. 

Listening to How I Built This, Call Your Girl Friend, #amwriting, and Pantsuit Politics.

Laughing over this shirt and how perfect it would be for Cedric. He loves to walk around with his TWO stuffed animal cats clutched to his chest. 

Looking forward to bookclub this week. I didn't make time to read 1984 but am looking forward to the discussion. 

Planning to help the boys make some simple Valentine's cards for their classmates.

Running slower at Orange Theory these days. I aggravated a tiny muscle in my hip (the TFL), most likely from over use. ARG. 

Working hard to keep our weekly grocery bill under $120 - a FEAT for us! We had been averaging $180 per week.

Finding that we can get by just fine.

Making use of what we already have in the pantry and freezer.

Still thinking about this first interview on Fresh Air and this one on Hidden Brain

Hoping to fit in some movie dates to see Hidden Figures and The Lego Batman Movie

Ending the weekend by wrapping this up, setting out my gym clothes for my 5 am class in the morning and reading.

Pleasantly surprised to have found that Mondays are kind of my favorite lately.

Happy Monday!