Goals - December 2016
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Things that are awesome no. 6


An occasional series of small things that bring some awesome to my life. 

My nectar bottle for making and storing hummingbird food. Keeping a hummingbird feeder full of fresh sugar-water and watching all the hummingbirds that come to my yard brings me so much happiness. And I find refilling and maintaining the feeder so satisfying. Before finding this nectar bottle I was making a new batch of sugar-water (the ratio for hummingbirds is 1 part sugar to 4 parts water, no red food dye needed!) each time the feeder was low. It's not a huge task but involves boiling or microwaving water, dissolving the sugar and then letting the water cool. Recently, I was browsing at my local Wild Birds Unlimited and came across this nectar bottle and thought it was genius. Now can make a big batch of hummingbird food and keep it in my fridge. When the feeder is low (about once a week) I empty and rinse the feeder and pour new nectar in right from the fridge. And done! (Of course this would also work with any water bottle or container, I just never thought it doing such a big batch ahead of time until finding this.)

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