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Goals - December 2016

December goals | RISING*SHINING

There's a little story in one of the Hello magazines that Cedric likes to read about a baby being pushed in a stroller through a busy town. He notices motorcycles vrooming! and airplanes zooming! Cedric likes to repeat these phrases but in my mind I phrase it, "December zooming!

Because truly it was just hot and summery and now I'm wearing my wicked good slippers and pulling on a sweater before going outside. I suppose it goes this way every year. I'm usually wanting to zoom through the summer but always wanting to put on the brakes for November and December. The holiday cheer, the glorious weather, time off from work, lots of family birthday celebrations (my sister-in-law, then me, then Cedric), reflecting on the year and looking forward to the next.

I've been too busy, but I think I'm identifying some specific things that contribute to feeling too busy and brainstorming ways to improve in 2017. The fresh start of a new year is always invigorating.

Big things happening in December (besides Christmas and New Year's Eve):

+ Seeing friends visiting from out of town. What a treat that they decided to spend a birthday weekend here! And how convenient for it to fall over the very first weekend that our brand new Alamo Drafthouse was open! (!!!!!)

+ Copper Quail Style booth at Raising Arizona. My new small business will have a booth at the first annual Raising Arizona market in downtown Mesa. I'm excited to be part of this local community of small businesses.

+ All the birthdays. We celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday early but still have mine coming up and Cedric's SECOND birthday just after Christmas. I'm taking off a few days around the Christmas holidays including for my birthday and I'm looking forward to having a few quiet days while the boys are still in daycare and before my family arrives from out of town.

+ My family visits from Austin! So happy to have my parents, sister and my sister's boyfriend coming to Gilbert for Christmas.

December goals:

+ Finish shopping, wrapping, and shipping early. I always say this! But each year I get a bit better. I already have the majority of my shopping done but I need to keep going and get everything wrapped and shipped (if needed).

+ Reflect on 2016, look forward to 2017. There's so much to celebrate from 2016 and some things I want to improve on in 2017. Taking the time to reflect and set goals and intentions for the new year has become a favorite annual habit of mine. Usually Chris and I like to have a discussion about our individual and joint goals for the new year. We'll definitely discuss on Matrimoney and each year we have a new year goals episode on The Girl Next Door Podcast

Recurring monthly goals:

+ Exercise three times per week. Finding that I'm able to keep this up - finally! It's been a goal I've been trying to make happen for the second half of the year at least. The key for me has been going to Orange Theory three times a week, instead of trying to add a run as the third workout. I feel really great making the time to exercise this often.

+ Publish to RISING*SHINING at least once a week. 

+ Record and produce new episodes of The Girl Next Door Podcast and Matrimoney on schedule.

Happy December!