Things that are awesome no. 6
Our 2016 Christmas cards

32 favorites


It's my birthday week and on Thursday I'll turn 33! So I've rounded up 32 favorite things. I'm counting myself very lucky that it was hard to keep the list to only 32. And that I definitely could have done so many variations of this: 32 favorite photos, 32 favorite mothering moments, 32 favorite meals...

But 32 favorite things is what I've got. So on to the favorites! Most are new from this year although a few have been favorites for a bit longer but still deserve a place on the list.  


  1. Wearing bangs, a style I returned to this year and love love love.


2. Qwixx

3. ThirdLove 24/7 Classic t-shirt bra


4. High-rise skinny jeans


5. French press coffee


6. Wearing a blazer.

7. Not having a television.


8. Frose


9. Get To Work Book

10. Voxer

11. Arrival (one of the very few movies I saw this year and captured the vulnerability and power of being a parent so viscerally, I'm still thinking of it)

12. Hiring a sleep coach, which led to...

13. A manageable bedtime routine, regularly sleeping through the night and the boys (often) sleeping until 5:30am. AMAZING!


14. Insights about my Upholder tendency from Better Than Before and the Happier podcast.


15. Writing retreat in Sedona with Erica and Sarah (and meeting Sarah in person!)


16. Pacific Northwest adventure with Chris, especially soaking at Sol Duc.


17. Painting my nails regularly

18. Starting a small business and holding products I had dreamed up with a friend.

19. My book club, and the weekend retreat we took to Sedona. 2016 was my EIGHT year anniversary.

20. Orange Theory and getting the strongest I've ever been.

21. My mango Hydroflask for coffee (I even travel with it!)


22. Gaining seasonal decor confidence from my seasonal decor mentor.


23. Getting the exterior of the house painted.


24. BARONONE, all the developments in Gilbert and falling in love with our town

25. This episode of The Girl Next Door Podcast.

26. Alamo Drafthouse opening nearby.


27. A weekend trip to Dallas with Chris for a wedding

28. Reading longer story books to Dashiell.

1612_19 1612_17

29. Our yellow front door and getting it approved by the HOA.

30. Hanging a large round mirror in our entry way.


31. Establishing a habit of wearing sunscreen daily.


32. Finishing The Year of Kelsey feeling more myself than ever before.