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November 2016

Digital photos can be so overwhelming. So! Overwhelming! We can fill up our phones, dump the photos somewhere and then tap, tap, tap our way to thousands of more photos. Quickly there are photos across devices and clouds (what is this cloud exactly again?) and it's hard to know even where to start. But there is hope! My system for managing our family photos does not require a lot of work, keeps my phone from getting filled to capacity and has me regularly printing photo books that are family keepsakes. I have an iPhone and was originally using albums in... Read more →

In October Chris and I took our first trip without the boys since Cedric was born. We chose the Pacific Northwest because it's so completely different from where we live in Arizona. Although we're learning to love the desert we still crave trees that are tall and abundant, green, rain, cold and water. We knew we'd find it all in the Pacific Northwest. And we did. Visiting our country's national parks is something I want to spend the rest of my life doing so we set our sights on Olympic National Park with our last night in Seattle to visit... Read more →

Halloween has already come and gone - in a glory of little dinosaurs and witches trick or treating in the neighborhood - and as I looked at the calendar yesterday morning I realized that there are only two (two!) weekends before Thanksgiving. I've been extra busy lately launching a small business, launching Neighborly Advice and doing all the other work of parenting two small boys, working full time, producing two podcasts and keeping the cobwebs away from this blog (just barely lately!). Honestly it's been too busy. Is that a surprise to anyone? But new ventures always need more tending... Read more →