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Goals - October 2016

Goals - October 2016 | RISING*SHINING

Hip, hip, hooray - OCTOBER!  Guys, the summer was not that bad, what is happening? It was definitely still crazy, crazy hot and we didn't even get the monsoon summer rains that we usually do, which breaks up the beat a bit. Yet I never felt down about the heat or had thoughts of moving to more a more temperate place. Maybe it's a little bit acclimation, since this was my eighth summer here, but I think it has a lot to do with deciding to embrace the summers and to look for the good. 

There is so much to enjoy this fall. Both of our boys can play at the playground and somewhat independently. Cedric can now climb onto playground structures, go down the slide and repeat, repeat, repeat. Parks in our neighborhood are becoming social places again and we've already met two new families with kids the same age as our boys. For the past couple of years the farmer's market - which used to be a favorite nice-weather outing - has felt like a stressful destination because at least one boy was in a "run everywhere and grab stuff" kind of a stage. A farmer's market trip still requires management - our boys are 3 and 1 1/2 after all - but I don't feel completely overwhelmed thinking of going. Last weekend we biked to the farmer's market which is my favorite thing! I'm really looking forward to getting a CSA share this fall. 

Also, later this fall we are eager for a new maker concept to open near our favorite coffee shop and for our very favorite restaurant to open as a brick and mortar eatery. And then! an Alamo Drafthouse will be opening about 20 minutes away. GUYS. My very favorite Austin thing to do opening a location nearby?! All the exclamation points. What is even happening.

And! this month Chris and I are going to the Pacific Northwest just the two of us for four nights. I sort of can't believe it. Hiking, coffee, reading, quiet, trees, cold weather, rain, ocean - I want it all. The trip will be a welcome stretch of rejuvenating amidst a busy fall. I'm planning to bring along the new book from one of my favorite authors and this collection of essays that I am slowly savoring. 

Big things happening this month:

+ Settling into a new office space at work. Today I'm working from home while my team is being moved from the third floor to a newly renovated space on the first floor of the same office building. My work environment is so important to me and I'm eager to set up my new desk space. I'm thankful I will still have a huge window. Although the view won't be quite as impressive from the first floor I'll still be able to see trees and green which is great.

+ Launch new content offering from The Girl Next Door Podcast. Erica and I have been working on this for a few months and plan to release paid GND content this month (although nothing is changing about a new and always free episode every other week!). It's requiring lots of behind-the-scenes work but we're so excited. 

+ Chris and I travel to the Pacific Northwest just the two of us!!! We'll be spending three nights near Olympic National Park in a vacation rental on a river and then one night in Seattle. It's going to be amazing.

+ Launching my latest side-project/small business. My good friend and I have been working to create a small line of t-shirts and other items celebrating our love of our town of Gilbert and living in the desert. Not that I have the time to launch a business but here I am, and I think it's going to be great.

+ Halloween! This will be the first Halloween where Dashiell really understands the holiday and we'll take the boys trick-or-treating for the first time - so fun! Also, give me all your Reese's. 

October goals:

+ Make the boys' Halloween costumes by mid month. I'm planning to make them dinosaur hoodies and tails with sewing guidance from my mother-in-law. 

+ Plan and consolidate weekday and weekend creative work. Lots happening this month with my creative endeavors. I often put off post-bedtime creative work to the next night, and then the next, because I'm tired. But this month I have a lot to do and need to motivate myself to just get stuff done. Early weekend work times seem to work well for me (and Chris). Currently finishing this up from Starbucks on Sunday morning where I rolled in at 5 am :) The finish line will be the end of October and I'm hoping November will be more relaxed.

+ Celebrate Falliday! It's my favorite fall holiday that I made up! I'm thinking we'll do something fun outside, give the boys little cozy gifts (fun socks?), and have a fall inspired meal with apple cider to drink and pumpkin pie for dessert.

Happy October!