Goals - October 2016
What fills you up?

Do you have a signature color?


One of my favorite podcasts lately is the Happier podcast and on a recent episode Gretchen and Elizabeth discussed the concept of a signature color. A signature color is a color that makes you happy just looking at it and that feels like "you." A signature color isn't necessarily the color you most love to wear, although it might be. It's the color that you choose when faced with two hundred different options for cell phone covers or the pop of color that shows up throughout your home. Maybe it's the color of your car or of a favorite clutch.  

I've been fascinated by the concept of a signature color ever since hearing about it and have been thinking about my signature color (Sarah and Kim are obsessed, too!).  Since I was young I have loved the color yellow - the color of sunshine and baby ducks. My beloved Kitchen Aid mixer is yellow and I still love yellow...but I don't think it's my signature color. It feels more like the signature color of my childhood and young adulthood. 

I've been trying on the idea of deep purple/plum being my signature color and it feels right. It's a color my mom once mentioned looks really good on me and I've always remembered that. I would love to see deep purple reflected more in touches around my home and in my accessories. Perhaps a plum scarf for the winter, or an art print with deep purple tones for the house. Recently I painted my nails a deep purple (I've never done dark nails before) and I looooove it. 

One thing I love about the idea of having a signature color is that it can help me make decisions. I'm terribly indecisive and having a signature color makes choosing between color options so much less overwhelming. I'm excited to see what else turns up deep purple in my life!

So what do you think? Do you have a signature color and how does it turn up in your life?