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We named our house!

We named our house! | RISING*SHINING

Slowly we're working to put our personality into our cookie-cutter suburban house. And somewhere in the last year I decided that our house needs a name. Because a name distinguishes a thing from the rest and you name the things you love.

It took months before Chris and I could agree on a name. Naming our house might have been more challenging than naming our boys. I suggested things like East Nook (since we live in the east Phoenix valley) or something French-inspired with the word Chez (meaning "house of") but Chris didn't love them. But Chris came up with a great name that we both love...

HiFi House!

HiFi is short for high fidelity, which is usually used to describe audio recordings and refers to a reproduction that's an accurate, good-quality copy of the original. We loved the nod to audio because Chris plays guitar, we love having dance parties with the boys and two podcasts are produced out of the house. High fidelity has another meaning to us as well: it means striving to live a life that mirrors our ideal life and having high fidelity to our values. I think it's so lovely. Isn't Chris clever? 

Since we bought our house eight years ago I've been slowly falling in love with it. Bringing home two babies and watching them grow here has been part of it. Meticulously going through a.l.l. of our stuff two years ago, keeping only what we need and love, and getting rids of SO MUCH of it was another turning point. And more recently having the interior and then the exterior painted has made our house feel even more like home. 

I still swoon over renovated mid-century modern homes or a craftsman bungalow with nooks and architectural details. But maybe a bit less so. I definitely still have a long list of updates that I'd love to make to our house but our house is home and we are happy here, at the HiFi House.

Do you have a name for your house, or if you don't what would you name it? I'd love to know!