What I want to remember vol. 4
Goals - September 2016

End of August catch up

We're settling back into our routines after our weeklong travel to Austin and Dallas. I'm going about it rather slowly. Disconnecting from my full time job and all the responsibilities of my creative projects was really glorious and made me realize just how much I've piled on my plate. Overall they are good things, endeavors that energize and fuel me, and for the most part things I actively chose to have in my life, but it is a lot. I told Chris to help me enforce a rule of not taking on anything new until after the new year (at least!).

Our trip had many firsts including the first time I wasn't nervous about how Dash would do on a plane, the first time Chris and I were away from both boys since Cedric came along, the first time the boys have stayed overnight with anyone other than their parents, the first time I saw a Hindu wedding ceremony. We had so much fun and it was also the first time traveling with kids that a trip felt like equal parts fun and work or maybe even more fun than work (!!). 

I absolutely love having my boys at my parents' house, my childhood home and shady, wooded property that is so deeply familiar. During this trip Dash slept at my parents house for the first time each night - in my old bedroom! - while Chris, Cedric and I slept at The Bunkhouse guest house next door.

The boys did wonderfully while Chris and I were away for two nights at Chris's best friend's wedding in Dallas. It was the most fun. We stayed in a nice hotel, were with a fun group of friends that I'm sad not to see more often and although Chris was the best man I had zero responsibilities other than to relax and enjoy myself: CHECK. Seeing the boys do so well while we were away makes me even more excited for the four night trip Chris and I will take - just the two of us! - this fall to the Pacific Northwest.

The first couple of days back in Gilbert after being in Austin are always a little hard for me. I love the city of Austin and the important people in it fiercely. It's my hometown and when I'm there and with those people I feel a deep sense of belonging and being "of" a place. It's a nostalgic and cozy feeling. 

But, as always, I soon get into the groove of our cozy life here in the desert. And we are getting hints of the season change to come. Certainly not in the daily high temperatures, which still soar above 100, but there is a near-coolness in the morning. I'm getting a bit giddy about fall and winter this year, I think it'll be our best yet. Bring on the fall candles.

Happy Wednesday!