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Goals - July 2016

Right now: June

Right now: June | RISING*SHININGRight now: June | RISING*SHINING Right now: June | RISING*SHINING Right now: June | RISING*SHINING Right now: June | RISING*SHINING Right now: June | RISING*SHINING Right now: June | RISING*SHINING

It's the end of June and we're nearly on to July! I keep thinking of so many things to write about and am trying to make the time. I hope a little round up will catch you up a bit. And hopefully we're friends on Instagram, I'm posting there quite often.

Right now I'm...

Working from the floor of our bedroom during nap time.

Finding that time to write doesn't just happen, I have to make it happen.

Reading How to Raise an Adult and agreeing with many of its points.

Drinking mint ice tea in the afternoons at work as a summer cozy tactic.

Returning Dash back to his room for nap time for a third time...

Sipping from my new 16 oz Hydroflask in mango.

Feeling another shift in parenting. The boys are sleeping better (we hired a sleep coach to address Dash's extreme early rising and its made a huge impact! All the celebration emojis!) and play more independently and sometimes together. Feels really good.

Leaving and listening to Voxer messages and enjoying keeping up with a few friends that way.

Looking forward to the 4th of July long weekend with the family.

Planning to make my favorite chocolate ice box pie and

Hoping to remember to snap pics and share that recipe with you soon!

Listening to the new Young House Love podcast and feeling so happy they are back in my life.

Anticipating a creative retreat in Sedona with Erica and Sarah in September. It's months away but just knowing that I'll have uninterrupted time (3 nights!!) with those creative and inspiring ladies to write, brainstorm and relax makes me feel giddy. Plus it will be the first time Erica and I get to meet Sarah, who has become a dear friend. Yay for internet friends!

Excited to start a new GTWB on July 1. 

Waiting for some acrylic stamps to arrive to step up my planning game. I've never been a scrapbooker but am having fun figuring out how stamps and other embellishments could fit my planning style.

Spending every Tuesday lunch hour at CREATIVE LUNCH, an informal get together for working on creative projects that I started at work. On the first day someone even brought their sewing machine and later that week wore the shirt she sewed! And this is someone who works in accounting. I love my colleagues.

Making slow progress on Cedric's first year photo book and a 2015 Team Wharton photo book during CREATIVE LUNCH. After that I'd love to try a sewing or embroidery project! Update: I finished and ordered this during Tuesday's CREATIVE LUNCH, so satisfying!

Wishing I had more time for crafting but 

Appreciating that I can find any time.

Dreaming of new floors throughout the entire house. A friend just installed luxury vinyl plank and it looks amazing! Want want want. But it's just not in the budget right now (or for the next several years most likely since we do have a very big financial goal). Very actively working to appreciate our house as it is!

Taking the boys to swim lessons and thrilled that they both love the water so much. Although the process of getting everyone ready for swim lessons and into the pool can require A LOT of effort.

Beaming during Dashiell's bi-weekly musical performances at his preschool program. He stands front and center with a big smile and enthusiastically sings, dances and doe the hand motion. Just stop it right there, we can hardly handle it.

Thankful for a daycare and preschool where my boys are loved, nurtured and taught so much!

Sending you wishes for a very happy Wednesday!