Breastfeeding at 16 months
The house is painted!

Conversations with Dashiell


Me: What’s your favorite vegetable?
Dash: Trucks!

Dash: My heart is so happy.
Me: Why is your heart happy?
Dash: Because I love you.

Me: We eat different things at different times of the year. In the summer we eat watermelon and strawberries and peaches and…
Dash: And quesadillas?

In the bright sun
The sun is looking in my eyes!

Me: You have to always be careful in the car.
Dash: Yes or else you can fall out of the car.

Me: Humidifiers can be dangerous.
Dash: Because they spray fire!

Dash: Usually, at school, I drink coffee.
Me: Oh really? Do you like cream and sugar or just black?
Dash: Just black.

Dash: I had a sweaty morning.

Me: What are you doing?
Dash: I’m just helping me.

While I was away in Sedona
Dash: Where’s mama?
Chris: Sedona.
Dash: Where’s that?
Chris: North.
Dash: Like the North Pole?

Every time we ask him
Me: What should we name our house?
Dash: Lunchbox.

On a windy day
Dash: The trees are dancing!

In monotone
Dash: I’m going to freak out. I am freaking out.

Looking concerned after watching Chris play some intense air guitar to the Top Gun theme
Dash: Are you going to blow up?

Me: What’s your favorite animal, Dashiell?
Dash: Poo poo.
Me: What’s your favorite animal, Cedric?
Cedric: No.

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