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Over the past few weeks our house went from this... to this... to this! Ta-da! I am continually amazed at the power of paint. Last summer, when we had the interior of our house painted, I felt like we suddenly lived in a whole new house, one I liked a lot more than our "old" house. The house felt more like ours and I felt more myself in it. Having the exterior painted has brought the same sense of transformation. Even though we made a surficial change it feels significant. Now someone's first impression of our home reflects colors and... Read more →

Me: What’s your favorite vegetable? Dash: Trucks! Dash: My heart is so happy. Me: Why is your heart happy? Dash: Because I love you. Me: We eat different things at different times of the year. In the summer we eat watermelon and strawberries and peaches and… Dash: And quesadillas? In the bright sun Dash: The sun is looking in my eyes! Me: You have to always be careful in the car. Dash: Yes or else you can fall out of the car. Me: Humidifiers can be dangerous. Dash: Because they spray fire! Dash: Usually, at school, I drink coffee. Me:... Read more →

Cedric is 16 months old - a big baby who is really toddler - and he's still nursing. I didn't quite expect to find us here. I nursed Dashiell until he was just shy of 15 months and we were ready to be done; he was a wild kicking animal somehow managing a downward dog pose while still nursing. My general goals with breastfeeding Cedric were to first to breastfeed and pump until he was a year old (we also supplemented with formula), then to nurse until he was about 15 months - the same as Dashiell - and then... Read more →

Oh man, just two posts in April?! But that speaks to a "typical April" for Team Wharton when the end of academic year craziness bleeds into the rest of our life. There are always evening events. There is always a deadline. Somehow Chris always ends up traveling. I'm not sure if I could really say I handled it any better this year; I get stressed and start to globalize (why is the house NEVER clean?! who do I have no time to write EVER?!) even though I know it's just a phase. Chris is traveling this week, which I was... Read more →