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Have I told you about my dinner dream? Not the slumbering kind of dream but the wistful daydream sort of dream. Here it is: Around 4:30 or 5 pm I make my way into the kitchen. The boys play independently or might even want to help and we make a work station for them at the learning tower. I pull down my recipe binder and flip to a recipe, perhaps an familiar one or something new. I gather ingredients from the pantry and fridge and pour myself a small glass of white wine (nothing too sweet) or open a beer.... Read more →

I'm writing this with freshly trimmed hair (ahhhhhh) tucked away in the office on Sunday afternoon. I resisted an attempted break-in from two small bandits who banged on the door yelling, "Mama!", and not fooled for a minute of what is behind the locked door. So I'd better be brief. I think that I've kept writing every month that summer, like the toddler bandits, is knocking at the door. And yet we are holding it off. Just today the boys and I watched chilly rain from the safety of our garage after a bike ride and dared each other to... Read more →