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Hot coffee in the shower | RISING*SHINING

An occasional series of small things that bring some awesome to my life. 

Drinking hot coffee in the shower. If you are laughing at me, that's fine. I'm warm outside and inside in my hot shower with my hot coffee (hydroflask!) Or, if this is already a habit of yours you know exactly how genius this is. On a chilly morning, or especially after a winter morning workout, there is nothing so wonderful as hot coffee on the inside and hot water on the outside. Sipping hot coffee while in a hot shower is an indulgent ritual of mine every winter. 

It's a habit I developed in college when I would have early morning rowing practice in near freezing temperatures with a biting wind. I'd stop by Starbucks with some teammates after practice (the one on 5th and Lamar in Austin, I think of those coffee dates whenever I'm in town and pass it). I would order a skim milk vanilla latte extra hot. I would sip my coffee slowly on the way home, relieved that practice was over and mentally preparing for a day of class. At home I'd still be drinking my coffee when I stepped into a steamy shower and the inside-outside warmth was the best kind of relief.

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