Raising brothers, raising family pals
Our 2016 financial summit

Right now: February


Installing a toddler carseat for Cedric (finally).

Finding we don't need to turn on the heat at night but

Keeping a down quilt on my half of the bed.

Spending so much time outside.

Dreading the heat but

Reminding myself that winter does come back every year.

Picking up the boys early on Fridays and heading to the nearby nature preserve to play and picnic for dinner.

Browsing the archives of another frugal-minded couple and

Determined to stick to our aggressive savings plan in the coming years.

Reading TransAtlantic and Playing Big (self-help/professional development book with a very interesting concept) with The Paris Architect on deck. Also recently finished BIG MAGIC and loved it so much I'm planning to buy it so I can underline to my heart's content.

Playing Qwixx after bedtime, sometimes with homemade pizza.

Setting a recurring bi-weekly professional development call with a good girl friend to catch up on life and careers.

Heading out once a week for dark early morning runs with a new neighborhood running buddy.

Registering Dashiell for pre-school in the fall!

Realizing that kindergarten is not that far away (whoa!).

Hoping that Dashiell will be consistently sleeping past 5 AM by then...

Letting in a cross-house breeze through our screen doors.

Picking out paint colors and coordinating quotes to have the exterior of our house, Erica's house and another neighbor's house painted .

Loving the words "neighbor discount."

Browsing my Cheers! board for cocktail inspiration for future episodes of The Girl Next Door Podcast and recommending our latest episode out on Wednesday - a discussion of Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance.

Looking forward to spending next weekend with my mom!

Wishing you and happy Monday!