The 4 AM project
Goals - February 2016

Conversations with Dashiell


Awesome words and phrases lately:
Fighter-fighter = firefighter
Pinecorn = pinecone
Rocketnaut = astronaut
Forth and back = back and forth
Scorpi-ant = scorpion
Got-for = forgot/forget
Last week = any time in the past, from 5 minutes ago to several months ago to, actually, last week.

Dash, handing me something: Here you go.
Me: Thank you.
Dash: Thank you for thank you.

A typical exchange
Me: I love you.
Dash: Thank you.

After Dash comes inside from bike riding with Chris
Me: What have you been doing?
Dash: I been working so hard!

Dash: One day, when I'm bigger, I go to the gym.

Noticing the full moon
Dash: The moon is whole!

After being served eggs and toast
Dash: This looks yummy, Chris. You make things great.

Chris: Wow you got in your carseat really fast.
Dash: I’m like a squirrel!

Talking to Cedric, who he currently calls "Dredric"
Dredric, look at my body.

Pointing to an unnamed character in a book
Dash: What’s his name?
Me: I’m not sure, maybe John?
Dash: It’s Parrot.

Dash: Red light means go.
Me: Is that a fact?
Dash: It's a Dashiell!

After loading up the trunk of a his pedal car with all the toys at Nana and Papa's and heading down the hallway
Me: Where are you going?
Dash: I'm taking all this stuff to Goodwill!
(we've never been so proud)

On the way home from daycare
Dash: I just want to go to Coffee Shop and get a cupcake. Let's do that!
and so we did :)


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