Goals - January 2016

Babying my baby boy

Babying my baby boy | RISING*SHINING

Our two-week Christmas vacation was fun and full but the final three days included flying back from Austin with two restless boys and then settling the boys back at home and adjusting to the time change (helllo 4:15 am!). It was draining. On Monday my desk, tidy to-do list and business casual clothes were a serene change of scenery. 

I was just getting myself organized and ready to make headway on my projects when Chris texted, "Call ASAP." Cedric was running a temperature at daycare and needed to be home and in our arms. Chris was at an overnight work retreat and so I closed out my to-do list, said goodbye to colleagues I had just greeted and whisked downstairs and to the car. 

For a few minutes I felt myself fighting against the spontaneity of my plans for the day changing so drastically. And then, as I backtracked my morning commute, I felt myself accept and embrace an unexpected opportunity to baby my baby boy. My baby boy who is now ONE although I'm sure he was just born last week

Cedric was sleepy and warm when I picked him up and he snuggled against me. The day was rainy and grey. In the car he babbled quietly but happily and so I chanced a quick trip to Target (more Boogie Wipes and a pair of pants for our growing baby) and a chai at Starbucks. I wore Cedric, his soft round belly against mine, and kissed his cheeks and mimicked his babbling and "WOW"s, which are painfully adorable.

At home Cedric ate a hearty snack and was soon yawning and snuggling against me. I rocked him in his dark room, wrapped in one of my own baby blankets, and listened to his breathing well after he was asleep. It felt satisfying to be doing exactly what is most important to me.

Cedric is becoming a little boy so fast and his happy, curious personality is revealed more everyday. On Monday evening he signed both "all done" and "airplane" (flat hand zooming right to left) for the first time. He also signs "more" by clapping and "bird." He has big brown eyes that you get lost in. He likes to sit in his own chair with Dashiell at the toddler table and to use his own spoon and to eat big chunks of food. Not those tiny pieces for babies, thank you very much. Out of nowhere he will say, "Doh!" and point over your shoulder to something interesting that caught his eye. 

Most often I'm parenting two little boys. Even when Chris and I are on parent-duty together we are switching between boys. An extra day to spend just with my baby ended up being the best way to spend my first day back to work.