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December 2015

I knew that 2015 would demand a lot from me with parenting a toddler and a newborn plus breastfeeding, returning to work and pumping all while trying to be intentional about making time for my marriage, for exercise and for creative work. It feels so fitting that my #2015bestnine photo above is full of the boys; that's exactly what the year was supposed to be and what it was. And then in the midst of this demanding year Chris and I decided to launch a podcast and to get aggressive with our savings and save $20,000. Plus Chris had he... Read more →

Even before we were ready to have kids I loved learning about parenting and child development. I still do. I find it fascinating as well as comforting because I see how many different approaches there are, i.e. there's no one right way. I love the philosophy and practice of Montessori, which is based in respect for the child as an individual and in creating a prepared environment that enables independence, and so I love reading about that as well. I'm also bolstered by any advice that sincerely acknowledges how difficult, frustrating and absurdly hilarious parenting can be. And so here's... Read more →

This is my third year of designing our own Christmas cards (using what little skills I have in Photoshop Elements!) and I am SO pleased with how they turned out. For the past several years we've had professional pictures taken around the holidays but we skipped the photo shoot this year. Instead I collected photos throughout our year and I love the story that they will tell to friends and family: This is what 2015 looked like for Team Wharton. The card design was inspired by Sara's Christmas card round up. Initially I thought I would order a card from... Read more →

Hooray! I've updated the design of RISING*SHINING! I'd love for you to click over if you're in a reader to check it out. I'm also thrilled that the site is now mobile responsive so you'll enjoy a much improved experience if you're reading on your phone or tablet. I've been eager to give my blog a makeover for a while but it's the kind of project where I needed hours and not the usual minutes. Taking a three-day creative retreat made it possible and it is SO satisfying to have this done. As part of the update I also did... Read more →

From the dining room table where I'm writing this I can see our twinkling Christmas tree, our stockings and wreaths on the two doors in the room. It's our first Christmas as a family of four and Cedric's first Christmas. The first Christmas where we are all here. I keep thinking back to this time last year, being so very pregnant and wondering if we would have our baby by Christmas and whether it would be a boy or a girl! Dashiell fully understands the magic of Christmas this year, which of course makes it magical for Chris and me.... Read more →