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Goals - December 2015

A Sunday change of heart

A Sunday change of heart | RISING*SHINING

Sundays are mounting a case to be my favorite day of the week; it's so funny to think that they used to be my least favorite. Back when I had a job I really (really) disliked, Sundays brought a sense of dread for the upcoming work week. But now Sundays are days spent at home and the house is full of children and cooking and life. It's the best place to be. Plus, I genuinely look forward to returning to my peaceful desk and my work on Monday mornings.

I read a post about creating "the Sunday home" months ago and I'm not sure if any individual blog post has stuck with me the way this one has. Although I really shouldn't be surprised. Creating a Sunday home is all about readying a cozy and tidy home or the week and you know how I feel about cozy and tidy. Creating a Sunday home is something I've always sought to do but had never thought to name it. And now I can't stop thinking about it.

I was thinking about my Sunday change of heart and about the lovely and satisfying endeavor of creating a Sunday home just this past Sunday, which included most of my favorite Sunday things. It was chilly and grey and rained off and on all afternoon and through the night. I cooked (quiche for friends, bean chili for us for the week, which I dipped corn chips into all afternoon as it simmered), we enjoyed easy company with friends and their kids at our house, laundry was washed and, despite evidence in the photo below, eventually folded. Chris was dialed to productivity mode and prepped both of our lunches plus Dash's lunch and Cedric's bottles and food. The boys gave us the gift of a simultaneous nap during which Chris napped and I read. 

A Sunday change of heart | RISING*SHINING

In the afternoon, when we were feeling a bit cooped up, we loaded the boys into the bike trailer and explored the neighborhoods south of us, avoiding puddles along the way and even spotted some early Christmas decor (approve!). As is their habit of their own devising, the brothers held hands nearly the entire bike ride. At bedtime we all went to sleep to the sound of rain.

I never manage to get to every item on my Sunday home list:relax + have fun with the family (we usually always do this! unless it's a "toddler day, and then we just survive), tidy the house, wash and fold all laundry, new sheets on all the beds, prep food for the week, pack lunches for Monday and ready two blog posts for the week. With two little boys it is surely inevitable. But especially now that our possessions are so simplified the house is easy to tidy and nearly eleven months into this two kid thing we know exactly what needs to be prepped for the week ahead. And so we get pretty close.

As a result, we're always leaving the house on time or even early on Monday mornings. We can say yes to the bike ride that Dashiell inevitably will ask for. There's time for a cup of coffee with Chris or with co-workers before the day starts. The week feels fresh and open. I love that each week there is an opportunity to reset and to center when Sunday comes again.