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Right now: October

Right now: Oct 2015 | RISING*SHINING Right now: Oct 2015 | RISING*SHINING Right now: Oct 2015 | RISING*SHINING Right now: Oct 2015 | RISING*SHINING Right now: Oct 2015 | RISING*SHININGRight now: Oct 2015 | RISING*SHINING

Right now I'm...

recovering from last week which was too busy.

looking forward to a normal week this week with the bonus of a visit from a friend and her baby!

hoping my week might include a coffee date with Chris.

watching in amazement as Cedric WALKS.

loving our new gallery wall configuration. (Thanks, Mom!)

feeling a bit stretched at work.

listening to Reply All, Mom and Dad Are Fighting, Fresh Air and TBASH when I'm by myself in the car.

listening to "animal stories" again (and again and again and again) when Dash is in the car.

marveling at all the lyrics that Dash can remember.

washing brothers in the bath.

brimming with joy at how they make each other laugh.

preparing to launch an interview-style podcast as part of my full time job! Excited and nervous.

laughing with a best friend during workday phone dates. The best.

abandoning Purity after just a few pages. I loved an interview with Jonathan Franzen but I find his fiction depressing.

reading Between the World and Me instead, which is heavy but essential.

so proud of Chris, who recently spoke on a panel with Peter Singer and was amazing.

putting The Most Good You Can Do on deck.

making bike rides a daily activity.

bringing along a pumpkin spice latte (on the mornings that start before 5 am which has, sadly, been often).

bummed that the mosquitoes are still around.

dreaming of landscaping the front yard.

savoring days with clouds and rain.

wishing it would cool off already.

planning fall meals anyway including sweet potato enchiladas for this week.

grabbing all the pumpkin things at Trader Joe's because I don't even try to resist.

filled with creative ideas and projects but not finding the time I need for them all.

remembering to be patient.

starting to think about 2016 goals.

sending you wishes for a happy October Monday!