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How I'm using GET TO WORK BOOK

How I'm using (and loving) the GET TO WORK BOOK day planner

I distinctly remember discovering Elise's blog (through one of Tracy's Friday lists!) and was immediately drawn in my her go-get-em attitude, photo-heavy posts and willingness to share her process. This girl gets stuff done and she is one of my productivity and creativity role models (I'm mourning the end of her daily posts!).

Earlier this year, Elise launched her biggest project, a day planner that she designed from scratch with goal-setting in mind. I've been using GET TO WORK BOOK since August (I bought the 2015 - 2016 academic year version, which is sold out) and I'm so pleased with it. I'd love to give you a peek inside my GTWB; if you like what you see, Elise is currently shipping the 2016 calendar year version.

When I pulled GTWB out of the package the weight surprised me. It's definitely not a planner that you tuck into your small purse. But I'm on board with that because the design and layout of this planner is definitely helping me get to work. The heft of the book lends heft to your ideas and plans. A thin planner says, " are some things I might do..." but GTWB says, "I am here to WORK!"

Initially the planning pages, check boxes and blank space throughout GTWB felt a bit intimidating, as if I might use it wrong. But once I became familiar with everything I found that it functions very much like my brain on paper and I love to use it (a key feature of a great planner; you actually need to use it).

I'm keeping everything having to do with my family/personal life and creative projects (blog, podcasts, etc.) in GTWB. It's the first time I've had complete separation in an organization system between home/creative work and my full time job work and I love the distinction. I've even found that when I'm meeting a work friend for lunch that I like to put that in my work calendar (Outlook) and not in GTWB. 

How I'm using (and loving) the GET TO WORK BOOK day planner

Each month begins with a quote on a heavier card stock page and a reflection/goal-setting page (on the left). I LOVE this. I'm all about goals (as you know) and taking a minute to fill out the reflection/goal-setting each month helps me celebrate little accomplishments that I might otherwise forget and start the month with purpose. 

How I'm using (and loving) the GET TO WORK BOOK day planner

I use the monthly overview to track recording and airing my two podcasts (The Girl Next Door Podcast and Matrimoney) as well as evening and weekend commitments, birthdays, travel, etc.

How I'm using (and loving) the GET TO WORK BOOK day planner

Weekly goals, daily tasks and to-dos go in the weekly spreads. I love the concept of having the three big to-dos each week (along the left margin). 

Besides the monthly reflection/goal setting pages, my favorite feature of the book is the grid project planning pages. I use them for planning out weekend creative work time, a dinner with friends, activities I want to do with Dashiell or even how I'll launch a new podcast. Each month has four blank grid pages, enough that I've never run out. 

How I'm using (and loving) the GET TO WORK BOOK day planner

In addition, there are dedicated project planning pages (on the left, below). They have more structure with various sized check boxes but are flexible enough that they could be used for anything, from planning a trip to planning a business launch.

How I'm using (and loving) the GET TO WORK BOOK day planner

If you loved peeking in my GTWB, check out the @gettoworkbook Instagram feed.

Elise, you are a genius.