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"What's happened your day, mama?"

A slight shift


Last Friday I remembered that I have a small stash of seasonal candles in the front hall closet, behind a box of rarely used warm winter things (hats, gloves). I discovered that I had put back a fall candle with about half an inch left to burn. It was enough to light for a few days and gave the house an air of changing seasons and coziness. 

Over the Labor Day long weekend we had glorious cloud cover every day and highs at 100 or below. Or below! We took morning bike rides and made adventures to the park every day for the first time after being cooper up inside since June. We loved rediscovering the "secret park" which is tucked down a little neighborhood trail making it feel secret and special. 

It is by no means fall here. But I feel a slight shift. It's the smell of the air, hot but not baking and with the promise of change; the light that retreats just a little bit earlier in the evening. It's me finding myself drawn to fall recipes and pulling down my cookbooks, suddenly craving bread and soup.

There's been a slight shift in life, too, and I feel a little bit more balance and that parenting is a little bit easier. I think it has a lot to do with sleep and having more of it in my life. The sleep situation at our house is still far from ideal. But it's come a long way. Dash now sleeps until about 5 am and sometimes will wait patiently, sometimes less so, for his alarm clock to light up at 5:10. Cedric's typical night is only one wake up around 3 am. And I've recruited Chris to put Cedric back to sleep in the pre-midnight hours. I think it's helping Cedric sleep longer and to disconnect the nurse-sleep connection that can be so fierce.

In addition, the boys have just a little more independence and focus. Dash can engage in activity on his own for several minutes or with us for many more. It's easier to relax into something with him and enjoy it myself instead of a melt-down happening or all the pieces of the activity ending up on the floor. And Cedric is usually pretty happy to play and explore nearby.

As much as I try not to rush time away I have a feeling that this fall and winter is going to be golden for Team Wharton and I'm excited to live it.

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