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September 2015

Recently I shared that we have a big goal to pay off our mortgage within five years. Here's the budget that is helping us get there. You'll see that we have $1,000 of savings budgeted towards the house each month, which we put into a Vanguard index fund (a fund that is not actively managed and tracks with the stock market). With the help of Mint we try to make our budget reflect real life. That's why we have nearly $100 worth of miscellaneous medical expenses and pharmacy costs even though I consider us a really healthy family. But considering... Read more →

In my mind summer has two parts: regular summer (June, July and August) and extended summer (September and October). Extended summer is the hardest to endure. Maybe calling it "bonus summer" would make it seem more like a positive? It's just not supposed to be over 90 degrees (let alone 108!) after August. I'm so ready for cooler weather and to spend time outdoors during the day. I'm so ready to join the rest of the country in pulling out scarves and long sleeves, snapping photos of colorful foliage and simmering soup. But, alas! We live in the desert. I'm... Read more →