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Office job survival kit | RISING*SHINING

I've had an office job for seven years (!!! I keep thinking it's about three) and I've learned that it's key to keep a few essential items stashed at the office. I have a real anxiety of being somewhere without a snack (is there a clinical term for this? the fear is real!) so of course my stash includes snacks but there are also items lend some coziness or serve to perk me up on a stressful day.

Here's what I keep at the office as part of my work survival kit:

+ Huge water glass. The dry heat is no joke! I refill my 30-oz cup with ice water between four and six times a day. At the end of the day I give whatever is left to my plant. I kept a Nalgene water bottle for many years but have found that it's really pleasant to drink from a cup; it feels more like home. I do have a slight fear that I will spill water all over my keyboard. Now that I've said it out loud it's sure to happen this week...

+ Coffee mug. I use my coffee mug every week although never for coffee (that's what my Hydroflask is for). A coffee mug does great double duty as a bowl and so I often use it for instant oatmeal, yogurt and granola or for mixing up hot chocolate or chai in the winter.

+ SNACKS. I have a basket in my desk drawer packed with snacks. I aways have instant oatmeal and lately have been stashing trail mix, granola bars and sometimes dark chocolate honey mints. I LOATHE spending money on snacks or lunch if I wasn't planning on it and a snack stash saves me when it's 10 AM and I'm starving. Or at 3 PM. Plus by having healthy snack on hand I'm not tempted by treats at the bakery downstairs. Saving money, saving calories.

+ Favorite office supplies. Surprise, I'm particular about these. My favorite pens are Zebra fine tip and I love a rich yellow highlighter (for which I cannot find a good link).

+ Phone charge cord and earbuds.

+ Starbucks gift card. Some mornings you just need a second cup of coffee, or a fancy latte. It's a funny mental trick but having a gift card makes grabbing a coffee feel like a treat from my former self (high-five!) as opposed to purchasing the coffee that day.

+ Chapstick. Reference above dry heat. My favorite is classic Burt's Bees.

+ Toothbrush and toothpaste. In the mornings I drink my coffee as I commute to work. I always brush my teeth upon arrive to work to ensure that I don't greet anyone with coffee breath. Plus depending on what you have for lunch it can be nice to freshen up post-lunch, too!

+ Cuticle clippers. Kind of weird, I know. But if I get stressed I'll pick at my cuticles and these help me keep them beautiful.

+ Hand lotion. Between the dry air and frequently washing my hands (lots of water, lots of trips to the bathroom, lots of hand washing) I'm slathering this stuff on a lot. I love Trader Joe's Midsummer Night's Cream.

+ Cute lunch box. Packing my lunch helps me save money and eat healthy. I'm currently bringing one similar to this, which fits my giant salads, but I also loved my old lunch tote (which is now happily living with Rachel!).

P.S. Being present at work

P.P. S. Yes, I am loving Get to Work Book! I actually don't use it for work stuff, just personal/creative stuff but I do bring it to the office. Planning a review for you soon.