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Goals - September 2015


In my mind summer has two parts: regular summer (June, July and August) and extended summer (September and October). Extended summer is the hardest to endure. Maybe calling it "bonus summer" would make it seem more like a positive? It's just not supposed to be over 90 degrees (let alone 108!) after August.

I'm so ready for cooler weather and to spend time outdoors during the day. I'm so ready to join the rest of the country in pulling out scarves and long sleeves, snapping photos of colorful foliage and simmering soup. But, alas! We live in the desert.

I'm trying to remember that we are in the home stretch and our reward is seven months of being outdoors every day. And it does help that there are other signs of fall around including the ubiquitous pumpkin spice latte (which I refuse to call a PSL), a flood of pumpkin and fall crafts on my Pinterest and blog feeds.

Big things happening this month:

+ Celebrate Chris's birthday on September 9th! 

+ Double day date with our dear friends! We're all taking a Tuesday off of work and hanging out sans kids for the first time in...over two years?? So overdue.

+ Toilet training for Dashiell. He's doing really well at home and at school, I think this month we could transition to underwear during the day and diapers at night.

September goals:

+ Go through boys' and my clothes. As I'm (beginning) to fit into some pre-pregnancy clothes I need another assessment of my wardrobe and can give away/donate/recycle several items. The boys have outgrown lots of their clothes and their two drawers need some organization. 

Recurring monthly goals:

+ Exercise at least two times per week. I've been hitting this goal consistently and go to two Orange Theory classes each week (usually one evening after bedtime and on Friday afternoons after work). 

+ Publish to my blog on Mondays and Wednesdays. The more I plan and work ahead and use my editorial calendar the easier this is to accomplish. 

+ Maintain podcast recording/production schedule necessary to air a new Girl Next Door Podcast episode every other week. Even though the podcast is really fun it still takes work to coordinate a time Erica and I can get together and then to edit and publish the episode.

+ Download photos off of phone and sort them into folders for Cedric's baby photo book and our 2015 Team Wharton family album. Still doing well on this and getting excited to finally put the album together at the end of the year.

+ Maintain podcast recording/production schedule needed to air Matrimoney every other week. I keep adding new recurring monthly goals to my list, this should probably be the last one!

Happy September! Please don't take offense if I block your fall-filled Instagram feed until November :) 

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