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Our big financial goal: pay off the house

My new podcast: Matrimoney!


It is my pleasure to introduce Matrimoney (pronounced just like matrimony), a new podcast that Chris and I are co-hosting(!). On the show we're talking about life, marriage and our money.

When I had the idea for this podcast a few months ago I hesitated because I wasn't sure I had the bandwidth to produce a new show. But I couldn't stop thinking of how fun it would be to podcast with Chris and I'm so glad we went for it. Talking openly about personal finances is something both Chris and I love and we both love talking to each other ;). 

We have two episodes that you can listen to right now and you can listen on iTunes, on Stitcher, directly from our website or on your favorite podcast app. Subscribe to the show and you'll get a new episode next Monday and then every other week on Mondays after that. New episodes of Matrimoney will be staggered with The Girl Next Door Podcast so you'll have a new friendly podcast episode to listen to each week.

If you like the show an iTunes star rating or review helps us reach new listeners, thank you!

I hope you enjoy the show, thanks so much for listening!