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Goals - August 2015

  Goals - August 2015 | RISING*SHINING

Hey, August! This month it's back to the school-year schedule for Team Wharton. In June and July Chris had a very relaxed work schedule and wasn't commuting with me to campus. I've been happy that he's been able to relax and work from home but I'll admit I am looking forward to having the extra hands at daycare drop off and pickup and to get to spend our carpool time together again.

On the flip side, work is calming down for me after two big deadlines in July. I have plans to clean up my email (so satisfying!) as well as my desk area to recharge and I'm looking forward to getting back to my usual writing tasks. 

Even though it's back to school it will still be relentlessly hot for...a while. But I'm staying positive and we get outside when we can in the morning and evenings. And there are some fun things coming up that will hopefully keep my mind off the oven-ness of the outdoors.

Big things happening this month:

+ Chris will be away for two nights for leadership training this week. Eeeek! I've never done the morning routine with both boys before and while I've done the daycare pick up and evening routine on my own it's approximately 5,000% better and easier with Chris. Wish me luck! 

+ Dashiell moves up to a new room at daycare. I am so excited for this change for Dashiell. He is ready for new challenges and his new room is more similar to pre-school. They also practice toilet training (!!). Dash is doing awesome on that front at home and getting reinforcement at school will be great. I think Dash is mostly excited about this big change but we are remembering that it could take some adjustment.

+ Chris goes back to a regular work schedule. The beginning of the school year usually brings some stress for Chris as his schedule and inbox fill up. There are always a couple of evening events as well which can make our weeks feel very full.

August goals:

+ Clean/organize my desk at work. I love a clean, clutter-free work environment (and home environment) and I've let things build up around my work desk. My big reports are behind me and it would be nice to refresh my space to celebrate!

+ Launch a new podcast! Oh you know, just taking on another podcast. I might have a podcasting problem. I love producing The Girl Next Door Podcast so much and a few months ago had an idea for show that I would co-host with Chris. I ran it by Chris and he was up for it so we've been working behind the scenes to get it launched. Even with everything else going on I couldn't resist trying out this show. Soon we'll be submitting it to iTunes and I'll share more details as soon as you can listen and subscribe!

Recurring monthly goals:

+ Publish to my blog on Mondays and Wednesdays. I've been taking a few hours each weekend to work on creative projects - writing, editing podcasts, planning editorial calendars. This dedicated time is key to regular blogging and I'm grateful to Chris always being willing to watch the boys and let me have this time.

+ Maintain podcast recording/production schedule necessary to air a new Girl Next Door Podcast episode every other week. Even though the podcast is really fun it still takes work to coordinate a time Erica and I can get together and then to edit and publish the episode.

+ Download photos off of phone and sort them into folders for Cedric's baby photo book and our 2015 Team Wharton family album. Still doing well on this and getting excited to finally put the album together at the end of the year.

Whew, that's a pretty full month!

Happy August!

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