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Conversations with Dashiell

Conversations with Dashiell | RISINGS*SHINING

Little kids say the awesomest things. Here are some of the conversations we've had with Dashiell lately...

Dash: I need to go to work.
Me: Where do you work?
Dash: On a bus!
Me: Who rides on your bus?
Dash: Just me.
Me: What color is your bus?
Dash: It's green!

Chris (pointing to a starfish in a book): What's this? 
Dash: A fish star!...I want to eat it.

While running down an aisle at Target:

When anyone asks what time is is:
Dash: It's forty-five.

Me: Is it snowing outside?
Dash: Yes!
Me: Do you know what snowing is?
Dash: It's sprinkles!

Me: Dash, can you tell me a joke?
Dash: I'm joking!

As I'm laying in bed with Dashiell at bedtime:
Me: Dash, can you tell me a story?
Dash: I too busy, mama.

While running out of the bathroom after having successfully used the toilet:
Dash: I'mmmmmm toilet training!

While Chris and I were talking about jewelry that I wear:
Chris: Dash, what kind of jewelry do you think mama should wear?
Dash: A bra.

Calling me out after we made biscuits together as I'm spreading a biscuit with butter:
Dash: That's a lot of butter. You loooove butter.