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What I want to remember vol. 1

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I've had a draft post about all the different things each of my boys is doing right now. But before I can finish it and hit "publish" they've changed and it's out of date. So I'm going to eschew capturing everything for capturing something. I hope that each volume of "what I want to remember" will be an easy way to write about the particular age of each of my boys and what it's like to be their mama.

Currently Dashiell is two years and 3 months old and Cedric is six months and a half months old and this is what I want to remember:

+ Dash's big love of big trucks. He asks us, "Play big trucks, yeah?" with the most earnest brown eyes, sometimes with his head cocked way to the side. It melts me. In the car he points out "a big truck!" and also "tracker!" (tractors). One day we saw a tractor being pulled by a big truck! Mind blown. There's a construction site on the way to daycare each day and the promise of seeing big trucks there has made my drive more pleasant many a morning. Every Friday we listen for the recycling truck. When Dash hears a rumble he opens his mouth so wide in an "OOOO" and says, "garbage truck!" and tears to the front door.

+ Cedric beginning to crawl in his halting, determined way over the weekend before he moved to the Crawlers room at daycare. And it looks like he's going to crawl in the same knee-scoot-knee-scoot way just like Dash. He's so small but his limbs seems so long, we joke that he looks like Gollum lurching along. A week after crawling and he's starting to pull up on things!


+ Dash's incredible skill at riding his balance bike. He flies down small hills and expertly steers. 

+ Tucking Dashiell into bed and laying next to him, telling stories, singing a song or telling him all the ways he made me happy and proud that day. When I finally leave the room he says, "Go sleep, mama. ABC, Wheels on Bus, bye!" I think to suggest to me that if I want to fall asleep that the ABC and Wheels on the Bus songs would do the trick.

+ Cedric's fine brown hair that is getting long enough on top that it's starting to stick up.

+ The way Cedric shrieks and cracks up at Dashiell.

Photo Jul 19, 7 52 43 PM

+ When Dashiell brings toys to Cedric without being asked or picks up toys that Cedric dropped and gives them back.

+ Dash's light blue shorts that make him look like he's ready for a Cape Cod vacation and his yellow shirt with "big trucks"; Cedric's BookPeople onesie, construction site onesie and leggings.

+ Dash saying, "I'm taaw!" (tall) whenever he is standing on something (at the playground, in his tower, on his step stool). 

Photo Jul 11, 5 28 35 PM

+ Dash saying that he needs his "tep tool" (step stool) and then proceeding to reach something or turn off a light or wash his hands.

+ Cedric babbling "dadadada" and his coos and shrieks, I think he's more vocal than Dash was at this age.

+ Singing "Wheels on Bus" and "ABC" with Dash. He favorite part is "driver on the bus says 'move on back!'" and "next time won't! you! sing! with! me!"

+ The way Dash calls Cedric "Did-it." When Cedric cries sometimes he'll say "It's o-tay Did-it," or starting singing him ABC. And other times he'll say, "No Did-it!"

+ The way Cedric face planted into his food the first time we fed him.

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+ How active Cedric is! It's really difficult to change his diaper or put clothes on him because he just wants to turn over and crawl away. We thought Dash was active but we might be in for it with Cedric! 

Photo Jul 17, 11 15 51 AM

+ Playing "tunnel" with Dash, which is diving under the covers of our bed or his and rolling around.

+ Dash announcing that "It's a wion!" (lion) and then recruiting us to help him chase and catch the lion all over the house. Sometimes the lion is as big as a hummingbird, other times about the size of a basset hound, almost never the size of an actual lion. I just love watching his imagination come to life.

+ Asking Dash a question and him telling us, "...not sure."

+ How much easier sleep is with Cedric than it was with Dashiell (so thankful!).

+ That Dashiell has been getting up in the 4 am hour for so long that it feels normal (but we're working on changing this!).

+ Cedric's face lighting up and entire body starting to wiggle when it's time to nurse.

+ How much Chris and I both love love love our boys but how hard this time is, too. I'm so proud of us as parents and for finding little ways to make time for each other and for ourselves.

+ The way that I can still hear Dash's voice in my head even after he goes to bed. I wish I could remember it forever just the way it is now.