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Why I'm still blogging

Right now: June

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Right now I'm...

diving back into reading. I recently finished The Boston Girl, Station Eleven and We Were Liars (which is also the pick for our next Girl Next Door Book Club, join us!). I loved the last two so much I dove right into books by the same authors: The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks and The Lola Quartet. Currently reading Lottery. Have I mentioned how in love I am with getting library books on my Kindle? It's like magic.

surprising myself by feeling excited about the summer. Hope the excitement can last through October! 

noticing a slight difference in my fitness and body. Working out feels enjoyable again and I'm beginning to feel more comfortable in my clothes (although still a ways from fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes). Change feels so slow following this pregnancy but I'm motivated to keep working towards great fitness.

wearing a new pair of (non-maternity!) jeans after my maternity jeans finally got a hole (it was time, y'all!).

smelling woodsy from my favorite Schmitd's deodorant.

waking up a lot at night.

feeling so much gratitude when Chris hands me my hydroflask full of hot coffee each morning.

hoping that this summer brings more sleep for Dashiell. Still getting up at 4 AM or earlier!!

scrambling eggs with quinoa for breakfast. All the protein! Also Dash-approved!

finding I'm not taking many pictures. Life requires two hands and my full attention right now.

spotting Cedric as he learns to sit! 

listening to Cedric's first babbles! "da da da da..."

ready to re-energize my list and calendar organization, switching from a bullet journal to Get To Work Book starting in July.

planning our first summer day date for next Monday!

cleaning out my personal and work inboxes. Feels so good.

making pizza rolls with whole wheat crust again and again.

loving that we're all sitting at the table for family dinners.

excited to give Cedric his first solid food when he turns six months old in a few weeks.

getting quotes to paint the inside of our house!

watching in amazement as Dashiell plays independently and imaginatively. I love love love it.

Hope you are having a lovely June! 

P.S. Last year in June and what I wore to work (this makes me want to get bangs again!).