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High fives to your future self!

Goals - June 2015


Hello, friends! Happy summer! When your forecast includes temperatures of ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN I do believe you can call it summer.

The end of the semester and preparing for our big trip to Fort Mountain in Georgia (highly recommend!) for a family reunion and then to Austin left us running ragged. But we had a great first trip as a family of four! I wouldn't call traveling with two young children relaxing, per se, but we had a great time. Dashiell had his own seat on a plane for the first time and ate his first s'more and first M&M's. I love seeing the excitement of vacations through his eyes. It was wonderful to be with my family and to see my parents and sister soak up every minute with my boys and it was fun to watch Dashiell run around with family he's never met and to see all of my cousins as parents and to meet their kids. And then to be with both of my boys at my childhood home and to imagine all the fun and adventures we will have in Austin as they grow up.

We returned from a soggy, muggy Austin to the hot, dry desert and the change of weather was not wholly unwelcome. We already have the next few trips to see my family planned and that makes it easier to leave. On Saturday we swam at our friends' house and had root beer floats and yesterday evening I grilled corn in the backyard. It feels like summer and I'm actually kind of excited.

Big things happening in June:

+ Family camping trip in Prescott! Our friends are hosting backyard camping at their Prescott house so Cedric and I can sleep comfortably inside (thanks, friends!). I'm already looking forward to watching Dashiell devour his second s'more.

June goals:

+ Schedule dentist and optometrist appointments. This feels like such a boring adult-life goal. Because it is.

+ Go on a day date with Chris! A much more fun adult-life goal! 

+ Orange Theory twice per week + run once per week. My post-pregnancy weight loss and return to fitness has felt soo slooow but I'm starting to see progress, which makes me want to work even harder. 

Recurring monthly goals:

+ Maintain podcast recording/production schedule necessary to air a new Girl Next Door Podcast episode every other week. We've been planning another awesome year for you so I hope you'll subscribe on iTunes or on favorite podcast player (like Stitcher for you non-Apple folks) and tune in! 

+ Download photos off of phone and sort them into folders for Cedric's baby photo book and our 2015 Team Wharton family album.

Happy June!