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Goals - May 2015


May! Hello! I welcome you and resent you. You will bring the end of the academic year and so a slower pace. But certainly we'll see our first 100 degree day this month. (I'm not ready, y'all!)

Also, the other night I had a dream that I was living among a group of people and none of us hand hands. Which I think it my brain's way of telling me that I have officially exceeded my allowable bandwidth. For Team Wharton this week is the last big push. Thank goodness. Because last night as Chris was heading to bed I told him, "Watch your step because Dashiell dragged laundry all over the room. Oh and his bike is leaning against the dresser. Oh an there's a truck in front of the shower." The pace of life is becoming a hazard to our health. But today is the finish line! 

Somehow in the midst of all this Erica and I managed to develop and teach a podcasting workshop at the Mom 2.0 Summit. Who are we?! Our session went better than I had hoped; tons of questions, we cracked some jokes and people stayed afterwards to tell us how helpful it was. I'm so proud of us!

I did manage to get a haircut in April and made it to Orange Theory twice each week. And we hosted a fun outdoor birthday party for Dash. And I can't believe that it was also April when we had such a health scare with Cedric. What a month.

But on to May, the month that holds the beginning of summer and hopefully some breathing room (less laundry EVERYwhere) for our family. We need it.

So, May goals. Keeping it simple again.

Big things happening in May:

+ Family trip to Georgia and Austin! We're heading to Georgia for a family reunion with my dad's side of the family and then stopping over in Austin for a few days on our way home. I'm a bit nervous about all the logistics of the trip and flying with a toddler AND a baby but it's going to be a great time.

May goals:

+ Send thank-you notes for Dashiell's birthday gifts. So far behind on this one.

+ Host a casual neighbor dinner. This got postponed when we were at the hospital with Cedric and then things got crazy with the end of the semester. 

Recurring monthly goals:

+ Maintain podcast recording/production schedule necessary to air a new Girl Next Door Podcast episode every other week. We've been planning another awesome year for you so I hope you'll subscribe on iTunes or on favorite podcast player (like Stitcher for you non-Apple folks) and tune in! 

+ Download photos off of phone and sort them into folders for Cedric's baby photo book and our 2015 Team Wharton family album.

Happy May!