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A funny thing about having young children is that your life becomes anchored to routines. But the routines are always changing. Maybe that's why parenting can make you feel as though getting it all together is always juuuust out of reach. As a full time working parent I find myself looking forward to our evening bedtime routine the most. It's when the day stops feeling so crazy and when my shoulders start to relax. Getting the boys ready for bed and putting them to sleep is an essential thing we do each day, to the point that it can be... Read more →

May! Hello! I welcome you and resent you. You will bring the end of the academic year and so a slower pace. But certainly we'll see our first 100 degree day this month. (I'm not ready, y'all!) Also, the other night I had a dream that I was living among a group of people and none of us hand hands. Which I think it my brain's way of telling me that I have officially exceeded my allowable bandwidth. For Team Wharton this week is the last big push. Thank goodness. Because last night as Chris was heading to bed I... Read more →