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Sunday lentil soup

Right now: April

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Right now I'm...

STOKED to be leading a podcasting workshop with Erica at the Mom 2.0 Summit later this month in Scottsdale. Please let us know if you'll be attending the conference, we'd love to meet you!

laughing at the pictures I take of my three boys in our red chair (Cedric's serious face!) and thinking it might have to be a tradition. Just before I took this Dash pointed to Cedric and said, "Smile Did-it!"

trying to finish The Bone Clocks. I don't love it and it's long but I'm interested enough in the world that David Mitchell has created that I have to know more. 

appreciating the practical advice for teaching children about finances in The Opposite of Spoiled.

putting books of poetry on hold at the library inspired by Poetry Off the Shelf and a wonderful interview with Mary Oliver, which included a beautiful reading of The Summer Day

loving that Dashiell now calls cupcakes "happy birthday."

savoring my morning coffee.

tearing up at the message in the beautiful Good People Everywhere, such an important reminder.

thinking about the craft of writing. At work we are focusing on writing more concisely and I'm finding the practice to be helpful for blogging as well.

committing to Orange Theory twice a week and using the post-bedtime hours to make it happen.

reminding myself (often) that it took nine months to gain the pregnancy weight and it will take at least that long to lose it (as frustrating as it is to accept).

spending a lot of time with my pump. Three times at work and once each evening but knowing it won't last forever.

feeling grateful for our wonderful daycare providers who love and nurture our sons while Chris and I pursue our work.

hoping that Team Wharton will get to visit my cousin in Nashville before too long and stay at her adorable house (you can stay there too via AirBnB!).

cheering for Cedric as he rolls over and lifts his head during tummy time.

floored at the pace of Dashiell's language development. 

looking forward to the semester ending in two weeks and starting our laid back summer and 

planning a pre-work breakfast date at Snooze with Chris to celebrate.

chatting about simplifying and minimizing on the podcast today and excited to be included in a recent roundup of favorite podcasts!

Happy Wednesday!