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Pumping at work is a special experience. When else will you sit shirtless in your workplace while attached to a machine? Or hold a bottle of liquid that was just expressed from your boobs in the company of male colleagues. Cherish this special time, friends. Now in my second round of pumping at work, I thought I'd share my routine and what I keep in my pump bag. At first, pumping at work seems strange and horrible. But with time and practice it will become something you look forward to each day. Nope. That's a lie. But in my experience... Read more →

My favorite kind of Sunday is one that finds me in the kitchen, readying for the week ahead. My preferred provisions include a homemade soup for lunches and quick dinners, and a baked good, like perfect blueberry muffins, to perk up mornings at the office. Before I started my first job and effectively joined the real world I remember wanting to be the kind of home cook who makes a great soup, for some reason this equated with being an adult to me. What I've learned is that anyone can be this kind of home cook, it just takes making... Read more →

Right now I'm... STOKED to be leading a podcasting workshop with Erica at the Mom 2.0 Summit later this month in Scottsdale. Please let us know if you'll be attending the conference, we'd love to meet you! laughing at the pictures I take of my three boys in our red chair (Cedric's serious face!) and thinking it might have to be a tradition. Just before I took this Dash pointed to Cedric and said, "Smile Did-it!" trying to finish The Bone Clocks. I don't love it and it's long but I'm interested enough in the world that David Mitchell has... Read more →

Team Wharton has survived the first couple of weeks with two full time working parents and two little boys. Whew! Life feels full to the brim and sometimes chaotic. Even though it doesn't feel like I have time to blog I'm glad I captured my first transition back to work as it happened and I want to do the same this go around so I'm dashing this off during pumping breaks at work. (See all posts tagged Working Mama here.) So, how it's going. The first time we left Cedric at daycare I cried. But I haven't since then (hooray!).... Read more →

Last weekend did not go according to plan. In a very big way. Instead of a day date to celebrate our anniversary and a cheerful Easter egg hunt on Sunday, Cedric was admitted to the Phoenix Children's Hospital with indications of a serious illness on Friday night. Thankfully (thankfully!) throughout our two night stay at the hospital Cedric was never in life-threatening condition and remained comfortable and happy. Although he had symptoms of a serious condition he continued to nurse and sleep and smile even as Chris and I were sick with worry. For 24 hours while we waited for... Read more →

April brings big celebrations for Team Wharton. On this day waaaay back in 2010, Chris and I tied the knot on a perfect spring day in Austin under a sprawling live oak tree. Happy five year anniversary, Chris! Love love love. We're going on a day date this Saturday to celebrate. YES. Fun fact: At one point Chris and I were both secretly texting our favorite babysitter trying to surprise the other with a date for our anniversary - ha! This month we'll also celebrate our radiant boy, Dashiell, turning two. I know it's trite but I can't believe it.... Read more →