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Postpartum, take two

If you're interested in hearing more about my postpartum experience, I'm a guest on today's episode of The Postpartum Podcast. I hope you'll tune in and subscribe! I had so much fun talking to Kellie and I love the idea behind her podcast, which is "helping new moms and moms-to-be navigate and celebrate the challenges and joys of pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and new parenthood."


It's our second time around caring for an infant and (I almost hesitate to say it) the postpartum period is feeling so much easier, even with the addition of a toddler. I think it's a combination of feeling more confident in baby care, already being in the routine of caring for a child and Cedric being a good sleeper. After Dashiell, who was very much NOT a good sleeper, we are especially grateful for the last one. 

Another thing that's helping this time around is that Chris and I know our strengths. I can deal much better with getting little sleep and being up during the night than Chris can. And Chris is awesome at keeping the household running and caring for Dashiell without getting overwhelmed. So we decided that after Cedric was born Chris would sleep in a separate room and I would sleep in our bedroom with Cedric and take care of him throughout the night. This is working really well for us. Chris is able to sleep through the night and get up early with Dashiell (5 am, ugh! We're trying to work on this...). Some mornings Cedric is not sleeping in well and Chris will wear Cedric in a carrier while giving Dash breakfast and I'm able to get another hour or so of sleep, which makes a huge difference.

Having two kids under two is definitely a lot of work. Dashiell is currently in daycare three days a week and so we have both boys at home four days per week. We love our days with the family all together but those days can also feel long and be exhausting. After the boys are in bed Chris and I give a silent high five and collapse into a hug because we survived

After Dashiell was born I would feel bluesy in the evenings and overwhelmed with love and worry. I had a couple evenings of this early on after Cedric was born but haven't experienced this since. I think it's because I'm getting a fair amount of sleep (lack of sleep makes everything harder!) and the huge love that I feel for Cedric is familiar instead of overwhelming. I also don't have much time to dwell on worry because the evenings are full of playtime, dinner, nursing and bedtime routines. 

I've even been looking forward to the evening hours as the sunlight fades instead of feeling mild anxiety. I slip on my cozy slippers, light a candle, turn on lamps around the house for warm lighting and often Chris and I will enjoy a half a glass of wine. Having a little ritual to look forward to makes such a big difference. 

So that's the news on the postpartum front. Life is full and often exhausting but so so good.