Casual neighbor dinners
Goals - March 2015

Right now: February


reading as fast as I can since all my library requests came available at once. I just finished this (and loved it) and dove into this, with this and this on deck.

realizing I'm on a non-fiction kick lately.

watering my transplanted backyard succulents and

crossing my fingers they make it.

adoring my non-swollen ankles every time I see them (even eight weeks postpartum).

kissing Cedric as much as possible and melting over his smile.

hugging my big boy extra tight.

marveling (still) that I am mama to two beautiful boys.

thinking that it's about time to start the toilet training adventure with one of them.

dreaming of my next creative projects.

planning to send some new mama care packages in the next couple of months.

starting to think about Dashiell's second birthday party.

heading outside as much as possible.

thankful for the nice weather but

savoring the occasional chilly, grey day (and wishing we'd have more).

singing Wheels on the Bus every time Dashiell requests, "Bus?"

gathering at the same weekly breastfeeding group that I attended with Dashiell and

appreciating the support and comfort of other mamas.

showing Dashiell the magic of sprinkles on his first frozen yogurt.

enjoying every day of my maternity leave but

feeling good about returning to work in a month. 

laughing at 30 Rock reruns after the boys are asleep. All-time favorite 30 Rock quote: "The ocean is awesome and for winners."

excited to be exercising again and 

loving Orange Theory so far.

over the moon for friends who got the best news last week.

trying out a new recipe to much acclaim.

stretching everyday.