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reading as fast as I can since all my library requests came available at once. I just finished this (and loved it) and dove into this, with this and this on deck. realizing I'm on a non-fiction kick lately. watering my transplanted backyard succulents and crossing my fingers they make it. adoring my non-swollen ankles every time I see them (even eight weeks postpartum). kissing Cedric as much as possible and melting over his smile. hugging my big boy extra tight. marveling (still) that I am mama to two beautiful boys. thinking that it's about time to start the toilet... Read more →

Frequently the weather invites us be outside on these warm "winter" evenings and we find ourselves in the front yard where Dash likes to scoot back and forth on his Weerol. It seems we are never without the company of our neighbors for long. Erica or Jeremiah might already be outside walking their dogs or checking the mail, or come out to chat when they hear us; Melissa and Kristian might walk down as they get home from work and bring their son to play with Dash. And there are a handful of others that we regularly see on our... Read more →

Recently, Elise wrote a post about the anxiety and/or frustration that can come from well-meaning friends, family and strangers when they ask about your baby's milestones (and they haven't reached them yet). It got me thinking about something that I do that *hopefully* prevents causing that anxiety in others. Several of my friends had babies around the time Dashiell was born and I also met a lot of new moms through my breastfeeding group. So I've had a lot of moms to compare notes with during Dashiell's development. On the one hand this is awesome because it's so comforting to... Read more →

If you're interested in hearing more about my postpartum experience, I'm a guest on today's episode of The Postpartum Podcast. I hope you'll tune in and subscribe! I had so much fun talking to Kellie and I love the idea behind her podcast, which is "helping new moms and moms-to-be navigate and celebrate the challenges and joys of pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and new parenthood." It's our second time around caring for an infant and (I almost hesitate to say it) the postpartum period is feeling so much easier, even with the addition of a toddler. I think it's a combination... Read more →

With the start of a new year, plus the addition of a new Wharton, we recently revisited our budget. We've been using Mint to track our spending for several months and really like it. By creating different budgets in Mint, such as for personal spending money, groceries, health, kids, etc., we can track our spending very closely. I love this because it's like a cash envelope system where certain amounts are designated for specific purposes. This pushes all the right organization buttons for me. In addition to tweaking some of our monthly budget designations, we've also designated a few yearly... Read more →

I love to look through my baby photo album and family photo albums when I visit my parent's house in Austin. I want our boys to have a similar experience but I'm a pretty delinquent memory keeper. The thought of scrapbooking makes me feel itchy. No, like really. So, when Dashiell was born I knew I needed some kind of simple system that not induce itchiness to document his childhood and our family through the years. And I'm happy to report I've come up with a system that's working for me, which is very good news since I have the... Read more →

In 2014 I made a goal for myself to appreciate our house as it is. Our house isn't my dream home, the one I would build from scratch or buy if money was no option, so it's easy for me to look around our home and to see all the big things (new floors! new countertops!) and little things (throw pillows! more art!) I wish I could change. Or to see beautifully designed homes online and make comparisons to our home (and forget that those homes are styled by professionals or by full time DIYers). This leaves me feeling unsatisfied... Read more →

It's been a while since I've posted monthly goals and I'm hoping to get back to the habit. In January we settled in at home as a family of four and reacquainted ourselves with life with a newborn. It was a cozy month and I spent most of it at home, nursing and snuggling Cedric, and there's nowhere I'd rather be. As I write this we're on our second day in a row of grey, soggy weather and I'm reveling in it and wishing it would continue (but know that it won't). The house is still and quiet and for... Read more →