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Weekend in Flagstaff


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Last weekend, Chris and I escaped the Valley heat and spent two nights in Flagstaff, just the two of us! It was our first time to go away together since Dash was born and it. was. awesome. I took a paltry three photos so I fail as a blogger but as a gal spending a relaxing weekend with her husband I think I get an A+.

The weather was perrrrrfect and by that I mean NOT HOT. I wore jeans and (!) longsleeves. The air smelled fresh and crisp and piney. We ate amazing veggie burgers and fries at Diablo Burger and pizza at Pizzicletta and played lots of Yahtzee. I wondered whether the college kids sitting next to us thought we seemed like such a boring "old" couple playing dice over dinner, ha! But I didn't have too much time to dwell on that because I was having a fantastic time with my awesome husband. On Saturday we took the Pirus on a road "not maintained for passenger cars" to get to a trailhead for a great hike (we all survived!) and on Saturday night we looked at stars at Lowell Observatory. On Sunday morning we got the New York Times (!) and read to our hearts' content (!) and drank coffee (!) for two hours (!).

We missed Dashiell a lot and watched all of our videos of him but it was also great to have whole, uninterrupted conversations with Chris, to read a book for over an hour, not to worry about constructing our schedule around nap time and to have a free hand to hold Chris's arm as we strolled through town. The weekend felt like a rejuvenating deep breath. I'm so glad we made it happen and took some time just for us before growing Team Wharton this winter.

Hope you are having a great week! New Girl Next Door Podcast coming at you tomorrow morning!