Baby #2 / 24 weeks
Weekend in Flagstaff

"Modern" toddler art


Chris's birthday was yesterday (happy birthday, husband!) and I wanted to give him something handmade from Dashiell. We haven't ventured much into the arts and crafts realm at home yet (although Dash does TONS of wonderful art at daycare) so I wanted to keep it simple but hoped it could be something Chris could hang up at his office.

I decided to do some "directed" finger painting with Dashiell by taping a modern art-inspired pattern using painter's tape on a piece of cardstock and then letting Dashiell paint.



I taped the paper down on Dashiell's table in his toddler area, squirted out some finger paint and then brought him over. He was...hesitant and not quite as enthusiastic as I hoped. He also immediately rubbed his face and chest after getting his hand all paint-y...and then proceeded to run away and get under a kitchen stool. I just had to laugh because of course this is how painting goes with a toddler. 

So the craft quickly ended up with a bath but it did turn out OK and Chris has a Dashiell original (framed in a simple IKEA frame we had on hand) to proudly display at his office.